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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
I have not been disrespectful to you. I would appreciate if you would extend the same courtesy to me.
We disagree.
Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
You have been around long enough to know this.
Suggesting that anyone should know better by its very nature reveals you think you know something that should be obvious to another. That's being judgemental. Placing yourself in judgement over another person is a key element to the very nature of disrespect. But that judgement is contrasted a little more clearly when it's shown to be just wrong. As it is so clearly here.

It's not that I care about whether or not you respect me in type or life. I can't. I simply don't know you. I guess that makes it difficult for me to reconcile that you might have felt disrespected by my type. Believe me, my intent wasn't to demonstrate a lack of respect. I intended to highlight a palpable disconnect between your actions and your words.
For clarity, those actions are suggesting that E39 discussion was a hijack when the OP- and specifically you- had already contributed to the same.
I meant no disrespect for anything but denying that facts aren't what the thread content shows. I do recognize and take exception to a fact laid before me and the departure from it. That's all this is.


Grasping at straws will not push away the very fact that E39's remain a constant, relevant discussion point as they have from the very 1st post. Admit you were wrong ab that and we'll have a common point from which to draw. We all know what the thread is about. The question is whether or not you can come to terms with:

1) This thread included E39's as a focus from the start.
and sooo...
2) Information and opinions (like yours) about E39's is important and germane to the topic.
which means...
3) No one Hijacked anything. (including the OP)
4) No Bozo no no's here here. Thread topics change from day to day, month to month, and year to year. The thing we're here to talk about is a lot less important than the fact that we're here to talk ab them.
I should note that whether you do or don't admit your flaws here is of little real consequence. I'm not one of the people who knows you here. That lack of familiarity allows a pretty complete lack of concern for your opinion. I could care less whether your thoughts of respect and mine align. My concern of your input here stops completely at the curious satisfaction of whether or not you might admit that you were wrong about the thread content above.

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