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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
Funny, isn't it? How threads ramble along and become something different than what- and even where they started. Like this thread, for instance. Not a peep about the OP's E53. Funny, too that no one's mentioned the E53 in six months.

The lifeline of a thread- like that of most things- makes relevance anything but binary.
The e53 is still parked outside, for sale. She, the wife got sick of little things getting her x5 to not be her "perfect" little rig. So she bought a volvo xc wagon and loves the crap out of it. I'm left to either keep the X5 or sell it.

The headers are designed for the 4.9 s62 but the blocks line up with the ports and with modifications, the m62's should all be able to benifit from headers not just these or supersprint.

I'm using these on a 4.6 in my wagon (plans to s/c) but there's no real difference in the geometry from wagon to SAV. A slightly more aggressive turn down at the collectors but testing in the wagon or X5 should be irrelevant.

You're all correct. It was rude to stop posting. Photobucket has me playing catchup on many years of posts. I'm getting to my bmw sites.
'03 4.6is (the wife' s ride)
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