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To all:

I'm sorry about this thread. I offered to delete it a while back or another thread that included my swap from an x5 to my wagon. I was told then not to worry since I was focusing on the 4.6is engine and it had relevance to e53's too. I guess I felt since these headers are on a 4.6 albeit a wagon e39 to be more specific, that it would be acceptable.

The delay in my posts. I can see it led to a diplomatic scruffufle. Guys, c'mon. Would you rather be reading threads about which angel eyese are best?

I'm back, photobucket can orally de-salinate the crack I present them.

I'm pushing forward, I'm sorry.

Please consume a cold beer and resume normal activities and pleasantries.
'03 4.6is (the wife' s ride)

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