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Made a food run up town and tried out the hands free Bluetooth. Called my daughter and she said it sounded better than the factory nav hands free did. Guess I wont bother wiring up the external microphone if the internal mic sounds good.

Ok so far the radio is in the dash and mounted and I have the wires run from under the glove box up to the radio thru the dash. Yes I have lots of pics of it all so its not just me babbling.

I have tried out the cd player, the phone and last but not least the radio. Now lets pause a second on the radio part.

I have bought so far about 7 aftermarket factor stereos and out of all of them NONE picked up radio stations worth a flip compared to the stock head unit.

This thing picks up GREAT. FAR better than any radio I own. I am amazed. Even picks up better than the pioneer in my f150 pickup and it has an external antenna.

Normally as rural as we are here Im lucky to get 5 stations tops. I lost count at all the stations this thing is picking up. I had basically decided that radio reception was just something you sacrificed with these factory looking aftermarket units. Well it seem Seicane solved whatever the other companies cant radio reception wise.

I will post some more pics shortly but I wont be able to finish the install tonight because of the weather.
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