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Originally Posted by 14.4volts View Post
Good to know, does yours have the DSP?
Yes, mine was a DSP non-nav car. The factory nav was garbage anyway! The difference between the Dynavin and the Android clone HUs is that the Dynavin N6 actually communicates with and still uses the DSP amp. The other units, best i can figure out, bypass the amp and plug into the speaker harness in the rear of the car. All of the Dynavin N6 connections are in the dash unless you happen to have a car with the factory nav. which means that the radio module is not actually in the dash and is in the back. It still uses the factory DSP amp and actually controls volume by adjusting the output of the amp. Just like the factory unit does.

Here is a link to the official install thread for the Dynavin N6 that is a sponsored thread by JT Distributing. You can scan through the VERY long thread and see that Jeff takes customer service very seriously. You won't be disappointed, and it sounds like this unit and how it functions is tailor made for your wife.

Good luck with whatever unit you land on!
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