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I think I read that thread in my pursuit after purchasing this unit.
Mine is factory Nav wich made testing it out allot easier as I just simply plugged stuff in the back.
I think the problem with the eonon stuff is that the DSP is set to a default audio value and then just amplify the signal being sent to it.
This is why you get distortion.
You either have a variable output to a static amplifier or a static (fixed) output to a variable amplifier that is NOT amplified, however some factory car amps were designed to use a variable high level input, that way they could throw the same stereo in a premium car vs a base model.
You never run a variable amp to a variable amp you'll get this situation.
Running a high level input into a low level input will give you lots of distortion, a lot of people think the can just run the speaker outputs to their factory amp and find out its sounds awful and is super loud at low volume.
Basically an amp is going to output a certain amount of distortion, feeding the to another amp is only going to amplify that distortion along with its own which quadruples the amount of distortion at output.
That's why you use preouts to amps, it's preamplification has a certain amount of distortion from the get so it gets overall exzagerated by amplifying multiple times, hope that makes sense.
The factory unit uses a single wire per channel to the DSP that if I remember right is slightly variable, I think less then a volt +\- but it's been along time since I've tested that, was along time ago.
All the X5 I've done (with DSP) have been a complete gut from head unit to amps and sub or using the factory DSP to a summing device like A bit Ten or bit one to keep the factory components but add aftermarket speakers and amps.
Has been a long time since I cared to check what was being fed to the factory amp as it either gets removed or a deal with it after output.

Getting ready to go on vacation soon, so all dig more into the dynavin and see if I can't pull some actual specks.
Thanks for all your input!
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