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Yeah I got very lucky on my X5M.

There is a little bit more to the story however on the price..... I had been looking for a newer X5 for a while, and had looked at some X5M's. I was checking the used car ads daily in the Eastern Texas region (houston, dallas, san antonio, austin, lake charles). When I saw the X5 M I purchased at an Autonation Toyota Dealer near my house for 32K. So I jumped on it, went to the dealer and they had not even peeped the car yet for showing. I told them I was highly interested.. This was after testing a 2010 for 29K with 80K miles that was tired at my local BMW dealer.

Anyway a week later when the car had gone through detailing, replacing brakes, tires, etc. They finally let me drive the car. While test driving I noticed the dealer had changed the "fixed" price to 36900K. Autonation being a one price dealer said we don't negotiate. I told them I wanted the original asking price and they honored it. So you could say I got a great price on a really nice car because of dealer error.

They also replaced my turbo coolant lines, rain tray, and brake pads with oem pads as part of our purchase agreement. The Toyota dealer had put on aftermarket pads with very poor bite that made the car's brakes feel spongy. So I can say I've been happy with the purchase. I also purchased an extended warranty for 3yr/36K miles from the purchase date/milage, after reading horror stores of N63s self destructing, and my own experiences with my diesel BMW.
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