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change my 2012 528i xdrive, diff front and real fluid, Transfer Case Fluid:

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Good Morning All,

Yesterday started my 2012 BMW 528i xdrive oil change, It take a while for me to jack up the the whole car, I now confident do it now. Started with front diff oil, the clearance is small, only got to 2 inch, so I use EZ Red WC100 Wrench Connection Set Metric 6 Piece Low Profile, 14/15 mm one, and 15 mm wrench, use a big pipe to loosen it, I am so happy for these tool, and then i moved to transfer case oil, it only has smaller space, even use the ez red 14/15 mm, still can't get it loose, so I end up take the case out, and get it loose, and (with my car, the transfer case and real diff only has one fill plugs.), when I opened the transfer case fluid fill plug, only drop little oil, by the way my car is 4 years old, overall the oil color is not bad, and then I use hand pump get the oil out of fill hole, not much only may be 50ML or 100ml, not sure, but when I pumped the new old back to fill hole, about the same. That is the only I am concern. according to dealer, it has 1 Lit. Anyone can comment on this. so guess I didn't full changed the oil, the other two oil, i will be able to take about 500ML out. I am happy about that.


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