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This thread seems like it died about a year ago. My new to me 4.8is w/ 83k miles seems like it shifts too quickly on moderate throttle (speed limit of 35-45) and to make it actually go it has to downshift. It also does something weird very rarely but has done it about 10 times over the past 3k miles. When traveling at lower speed, say 40, and I try to accelerate gingerly without stomping the pedal, it feels like the transmission shifts halfway, makes a whooshing sound then bumps into gear, almost like it's sliding before actually shifting into gear. I am getting the fluid changed along with that square adaptor, 4 small hoses and the electrical plug gasket changed, also checking the transmission programming and adaptations reset this weds. I guess my next step if this doesn't work is the solenoid or even whole mechatronics unit change?
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