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Originally Posted by omodos View Post
apologies to allyse for hijacking post, @neil the scan tool you refer to and software are all part of the deal? any specifics on what it can and can't scan and display? can you reset airbag or oil change due message or see state of glow plugs and the like?does it run on anything above windows XP?
PS webasto is disabled on my X too, heat it the opposite of what we need out here
It will scan all (as far as I know, my E53 was a relatively low spec version) ECU's, stepping over those not fitted. It will display current and previous errors and gives you the option to clear them. If the errors re-appear you can presume they are current. Airbag errors/faults are in the list of modules scanned. Scan and clear can be done on individual ECU's or one-touch for all. I don't recall seeing oil / brake service reset function on the scan tool, but it can be done from the instrument cluster.

I have it running on Windows 10, without virtual XP. Software is on the CD, you may have to look elsewhere online for USB drivers for OS other than XP.

Mine would display errors on all my glow plugs, changing the controller relay cleared just 1, so I presumed I had a faulty controller and 5 faulty glow plugs. I ordered them, but never swapped them out.

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