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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Ouch on the not the t-stat but if the heater valve open, if the t-stat is functioning the coolant temp will get to temp and stay there. Are you saying the heater core kept the needle fake gauge from hitting top center?
Pretty much. Both stats were fine, but the needle rarely ever centered, and never in under half an hour. Normally, it takes all of 2-3 minutes. It would get there after 20 mins of highway driving, but it was obvious that something wasn't right and it wasn't a thermostat issue (no P0128 code thrown either). This was also Jan/Feb, so freezing in PA.

I yanked the heater valve; the coil in one was bad and the seals were gone in the other. Both were circulating coolant to the heater core all the time.

New heater valve and all was well.
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