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Originally Posted by X53Jay4.8is View Post
Head gaskets at 114K Ouch!!!! Seems premature???? Of course if you have to get the valve seals done then of course the head gaskets are going to have to be changed.
I know, I know.. In my case of course, if I am going to get the gaskets changed, I might as well get the seals done.

Aaaand I went a lil *more* nuts since I first posted.

I decided to do the intermediate levers while there. Not cheap parts, but I have had rough idle on cold mornings for awhile. In fact, this makes me wonder if that's why the valve lift was set so high when I bought it. This change to valve lift was *supposed* to be a temporary fix for lumpy levers in certain circles.

And I decided that this was a great time to install the AGA coolant pipe, valley pan and gaskets. Might as well since the damn thing is right there. Pricey lil thing, but it sure is pretty!

Then, they saw the smallest bit of grease from the front boots. That's a rounding error at this point.

Below that is a pic of 114k miles with old school synthetic oil changes. I think it looks pretty good!
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