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Thank you for the reply.

I actually did the work now. In the end I left the driveshaft in situ (I wish I'd heard from you sooner however as I may well have removed it!!!)

I stripped down the caliper/carrier and pushed the driveshaft out of the hib (I have a proper hub puller thankfully to push it out with as it would never have come out otherwise!!!)

I disconnected the straight lower suspension arm at the engine side which allows enough room for the driveshaft to be removed from the hub.

I then installed a stretch boot gaitor which goes on with the cv joint in situ using a cone. They are silicone rather than rubber so very stretchy. They're used a LOT these days so they must be pretty decent.

Agreed the BMW genuine one is probably better quality, but also six times the price (!!!)

The job was not too tricky TBH as long as you have a hub puller (pusher) tool. Without it I honestly don't think the driveshaft would have come out of the hub, and smashing it with a hammer would take so much work and likely damage things.

Also, a air compressor with DECENT air gun is recommended for the hub nut. It's 420nm so ridiculously tight. To tighten basically keep it going until it stops on the gun and is flush with the hub, then impress the outer edges with a hammer a flat screwdriver to ensure it stays put.

Thankfully I had access to those tools as the way I did it would have been a NIGHTMARE without decent tools, but not too bad with them :-)
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