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Originally Posted by Wahooz View Post
Sorry to revive such an old thread, but currently in the process of doing valve seals on my 2007 4.8 E70 and using this as a guide to help.
Not sure if you're done, but I did the valve stem job back in September (2017) and struggled like everybody else to get the valve covers off without replacing the eccentric sensor/s. However, when it was time to put it all back together, I got my wife to take a look since she has a good eye for that kind of thing and she gave me the best advice ever.

I wish I had taken a pic, but if you can imagine turning the cover nearly vertical, have the front at a slight angle towards the opposite side of the vehicle, you can slide the back corner of the cover right over the eccentric sensor first, and then on/off the engine without too much effort.

You just have to get the angle just right, but if you do it relieves a lot of stress and there's no need for any brute force. I did it with the cross bars and everything AC related in place
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