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Originally Posted by gregg3gs View Post
You are welcome, I have to update all my other write ups still.....

Regarding the valves you are doing right now; and I have not but am thinking out-loud, any chance you can kick the engine forward?
I mean; any chance you can jack the transmission side up, any chance you can loosen engine mounts in front and possibly tilt one side of an engine vs the other?

Regarding removing valve keepers: once you release pressure on the valve keepers, you do use a magnetic wand to pull them; correct?

Finally; speaking with BMW mechanics I know, the book calls to pull the engine but I do know they do the work with the engine in the car, so it must be possible.

Good Luck (I still need to do my valves).
Thx gregg....yes, using magnet to pull the keepers off the valve once compressed. The challenge is getting them back on for those last two valves as it's difficult to get a good view of the top of the valve so that I can guide the keeper tool onto the valve stem.

I'll have to look into the tip on moving the engine forward....appreciate the feedback as always-
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