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Originally Posted by AlphaBetaX5 View Post
No transmission service done yet?
Iíd drain and refill atf and change the pan.

Struts,( shock absorbers)? Still good?

Coolant Expansion tank (X5ís permanent headache)?

Rear and front diffs? Change the fluid, also transfer case fluid.

Have you had any issues with your fuel economy? What us your average mpg?

Many of the issues youíve had, are known and common in x5.
N52s common issues are the lifter ticks, vcg, ofhg, low mpg, low power at lower rpms, and the cooling system. ( hoses, o-rings, expansion tank...)

Iím surprised you didnít mention anything about engine other than some leak.

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Thanks for the reply,

I'm at least glad to know that the plastic parts failing is common. The repair were thankfully a breeze.

Shocks and struts seems fine. Good handling, very little roll and no suspension noises.

So would you suggest the next thing I replace is the expansion tank? I was thinking that but it still looks fine.

I am sad to say I have not changed the ATF or diffs / case fluid. I will be sure to do that in the next month. As of now the transmission seems fine but I shouldn't push my luck.

My blended mpg is 22 city/highway.

2008 X5 3.0si
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