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Originally Posted by 1BADM6 View Post
Let me rephrase that, if it's the immobilizer it would prevent power to the starter. The DME likely wouldn't. I wouldn't rule that out completely but you might be on to something with CPS. It is a known issue. It's tough when you can't pull a code. Are there any shadow codes?

You will not believe this,
So I quit on the car. Put it all back together I mean everything, getting it ready to ride away on a flat bed to a mechanic two hours from here. I Decide to top the battery off with a trickle charge while I go to eat. 2 hours later I come home battery all topped off and put it back together, decide one more try on a start. Damn thing turns over and cranks right up. Runs like a champ for 20 miles. WTF?!!!!
I am beyond ex tactic but more pissed that I don't know what changed. The only thing I did today was throw a new set of plugs in that I skipped over last year. The old ones were a tough to get out and looked peaked. Replaced with Bosh Platinum 4. It started trying harder to start but never got there.

Do you think that the ECU was remapping itself as I continued to try and start? Don't know but my X is back on the road and running like a champ I might add.

Never give up, but when you do finally let it go things seem to always come back if they were worth having...
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