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Post Script on what I think really happened.

Just wanted to give an update on what I think happened here. Yes you need spark fuel and air. but what is in the middle is controlled by the ECU, DME.

I think that the low battery caused a grave malfunction in the ECU where it lost its RAM. Thus why I read the RAM error code right after it happened. Yes it was important that we trouble shoot all of the systems as suggested to isolate the problem to one of the three critical elements. I tore that car up end to end all fuse panels out, pressure test fuel, relay's etc all of it checked out and just did not seem to line up and work together hence back to the brain. Now I am just a shade tree mechanic and do this for fun, make old things work and keep them clean so I do not profess to be any kind of expert but I believe in this case that the plugs where on the edge of bad but there was no gas trail to make me believe they were not firing, actually they were very much nice and brown and looked okay. The new plugs gave the start more life but where not the one and only make it work. I think that the ECU was actually remapping itself as we continued to start. The new plugs gave it life but the ECU had to reprogram. It ran rough for the first few minutes and slowly started to get all of its power back and over the last week it has gotten back to better than I have ever had in the last 3 years. Full acceleration and thanks to the new front drive shaft handling better than ever.

At any rate thank you for all of the well thought out input and I do appreciate being able to share and get so much from this forum to keep my X running like a top.

Just got her all detailed up ready for a road trip to Florida and then off to Costa Rico.
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