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- The CONVENTIONAL method is to undo the 36-mm nut, press the axle inward and remove the axle (after removing either the nut at the ball joint or the control arm attachment; IMHO, the control arm attachment is easier, coming from Volvo forums).

- The ALTERNATIVE method (such as in this DIY) is the undo the INNER CV Joint Tripod. In order to do that you need to:
1. Support on jack stands (I use 2 jack stands, this is a heavy SUV!).
2. Undo the control arm bolts at subframe so the steering knuckle can be pushed OUTWARD. You may have to undo the strut bolts etc so you can push it more.
3. Undo the INNER Oetiker clamp and in the process of pushing the steering knuckle OUTWARD, the Tripod comes out.
4. Of course the brake caliper needs to be removed and tied up properly.
5. Once the INNER Tripod comes out, you can replaced BOTH Inner and Outer CV Boots.

Does that make sense?

I know b/c when I first read the Original post, it was confusing the way it was written.
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