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Well, I thought I would report back, its been a few months and the Outer CV boot needed cleaning up and inspected (as I feared the worst from using a 'Sticky boot') and after a good clean up, I am happy to report, Sticky Boots are really quite handy if you are careful to install. I will be using them again as they don't require any disassembly other than a wheel removed and if I had a ramp, then I would even question whether I needed to do that.

I will say that I have tried other boots before, and every 12 months, something happened, to either of the sides, splitting, clip loose and slicing the boot etc. I will buy another Balicast one and have it in stock for when I need to do this again. It's also simpler for the not so mechanically minded.

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What I had updated
Carbon Effect Steering Wheel
Panoramic Sunroof Fix
PVC Replacement
All glowplugs and glowplug regulator
New discs and pads all round
All new front suspension links, bushes and rods
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