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Panic Stop, now no brakes and Puddle of fluid?

Same exact problem I'm fixing. It was only $37 for the parts to do both lines and $23 for the tool.

Made my right pipe today took about 40-50 minutes. It's a lot of bends.

There is a nice long straight section perfect to pull down and splice just use the right tool..

I was able to make a perfect flare on the existing steel line with the flare tool I bought via Amazon.

Put in a union and replace from the factory union back to where the original line is not too rusty.

If you wanted to replace the whole pipe I could maybe fabricate a second set for a substantial discount from the $150 from Amazon.

There is a nice long section that could be curved to fit in a box for shipping.

That's my flare vs factory cross section.

I just realized: the $150 parts from Amazon are not pre-bent they just have the ends on.

If you are handy which I vote yes I recommend getting the tool from Amazon, watch my video to learn how to fix the tool to work properly then you can replace the front portion of the pipes without removing the rear wheel well and pulling out the entire line!

It's about 3/10 difficulty up to the wheel well but it's at least 8.5/10 to disconnect the right pipe from the union that is above the rear axle (it's impossible to fit two hands at the same time to disconnect the union!)

I got one wrench in then left it and put a second wrench on and held with the one hand that fit, then I used a mini pry bar to push the two wrenches. I'm planning to use crow foot sockets to reattach it was a b*t*h.
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