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Originally Posted by byaru1 View Post

We are looking at a used 2007 7-seat 3.0si E70.

Our first BMW, so quite excited (and anxious). It has about 95,000kms (60,000miles?)

1. How reliable are the n52 engines for the long haul? (200,000kms and over)
2. How reliable are the air suspension? What tips to keep it problem free?
3. Any electronics issues that can be prevented through early interventions?
4. It has the Sport Suspension. Is this supposed to be a stronger suspension?
5. Does the panoramic roof disturb (leaks, jamming, etc.. after a long period of use?).
6. There is the rear-DVD screen thingy in the middle. I don't like it. Can it just be easily removed from the car?

Thank you!
2. I think very reliable. Rear air bags start failing around 8-10 years and as long as you replace them in time you'll have no problems. The compressor was size for a small duty cycle, just small corrections for if the vehicle is loaded up with stuff, so as long as that's all you ask of it it'll likely last the life of the car. If you DIY, bags were ~$350 and took me a couple hours.
3. I don't think so, I've been fortunate and have zero electrical gremlins so far. Battery replacement would be the only thing, it starts causing oddities long before it'll cause slow starts or anything like that.
4. Define stronger...I'm sure it's stiffer, not sure about stronger.
5. Long period of use? Like leaving it open? I don't think it matters. I think my rear panel is on it's way out. Full open works fine, but vent has issues. I haven't looked at it too much though. No leaks.
6. Probably pretty easy to remove the visible parts. I'm sure there are DIYs for installing one, just reverse it.
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