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Unless pulling a trailer you shouldn't need to change transmission fluid for another 100,000 miles. Search the forum for another new-to-me owner we went through a big checklist of stuff to look for. You are way ahead of the curve since there is very little recommend maintenance before 100k

That said stay ahead of the curve and I recommend removing the metal plate under the engine at least annually to find all the things it's hiding.

Also some time before 100,000 there are a few things that you can likely prevent from breaking with some preventive maintenance:

1) spray some lubrication on the window rails: my driver window sped up 60% indicating nearly double the force on the window before the treatment; leave that alone and expect to replace window regulator

2) remove the screws on the inboard side of the under body skirt under the left side between the wheel wells and check the brake lines; a factory design flaw damages the anti rust coating and the first elbow of the rear brake lines will be "made of rust" by 100-150,000 miles. Twenty seconds with a steel brush and some anti rust coating will make those lines "lifetime"

3) smoke test the intake: I've seen a $10 smoke tester made from a small hand pump like you'd use for inflating a soccer ball and a cigar: leaks in the disa valve and intake boot are a given by about 100,000 miles but by the time they show up on a code they've been leaking for a year.

4) be vigilant about the oil filter o-ring: my mechanic either didn't replace our used a budget brand and it failed, my "not one drop off oil" engine suddenly was pumping a quart a week (or more) out the top of the front of the engine and "took out" my alternator.

Learn about mechanical overrides for everything (hatch, roof) and the function of the BST which could leave you stranded after a minor crash.

Smack yourself in the forehead premptively for forgetting to switch the dashboard air mix and wondering why the AC won't put out cold air (because you are mixing 100F outside air with to your AC) where I live it's quite common to come home and it's 60F at night when I arrive home and have the heat on then the next day will be 85-90F necessitating AC but I'll forget to flip the dash dots from red back to blue.
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