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Originally Posted by dadysev View Post
I've been reading all over the place, with 2:15 of warm up time, drive for "x" amount of time and speed, blah blah,blah.
I have no faults and can't get my secondary air system to ready and one O2 monitor to get ready. I reset the truck with Rheingold about 1000 km ago and can't get it to get the last 2 to get ready.
The blah, blah, critical. There is a specific drive cycle where FOUR criteria MUST BE performed to test all system to make them "ready".

In the chart will see all FOUR criteria that must be accomplished (on the top half of the chart)....and what is typed on the lower half of the chart is the part of the emissions system that is being tested.

Unfortunately by the number of times it is do NOT have to follow each in the exact time limit. If you do the 1st step but it takes you longer to get to a stretch of road to perform the 2nd or 3rd step etc...then just make sure you do NOT go over the speed and RPM limit (given in the chart) and when you get to a stretch of road that allows you to perform the other 3 so (following the criteria outlined in the chart):

  • FTP Drive Cycle = the criteria covered in the chart below which when carried out will fulfill the OBD Readiness criteria
  • Customer Drive Cycle = any driving event by the driver which may or may not fulfill "all" of the OBD FTP drive cycle criteria (usually not)

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