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Originally Posted by Stash View Post
i'm in the UK (not sure if that makes a difference) the part i was quoted is 838 MHz whereas it seems the more common ones on ebay are 315MHz. I know it uses the radio frequency through the key fob but not sure any of this makes a difference.
Possible. Have you tried to input your VIN in RealOEM? ->

It should drill down the options.

But yes, it appears that it comes in several frequencies ->

Yours should be 868MHz (not the 838MHz you quoted). A way to confirm is to get the build sheet of your car. You can get it here -> (again input the last 7 of your VIN, just like RealOEM). Our X5 shows to have "S876A Radio frequency 315 MHz". If yours doesn't have that code than it should default to 868MHz.

If that's the case the p/n is the one you had
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