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E83 X3 with 2A80 VANOS activation

I own a 2008 X3 with 126,000 miles. Recently it gave the 2A82 and 2A87 codes which were cleared and returned. I purchased two new VANOS solenoids on Amazon and had my mechanic replace those. He did try and relearn the system, which I didn't believe was necessary for this repair, but I now have a "2A80 Intake VANOS activation" code which cannot be erased with my C110 scanner. The car idles rough on startup then drives but with reduced power.

I cannot really pinpoint the 2A80 fault as it is not prevalent on the forums.

I also have the triad and had him replace the actuator gear, but the fluid wear code is on and the lights won't go off. I know I need to replace the fluid and maybe clear that with some of the software available...?

Any help is appreciated.
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