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Your story is very similar to my first X5 repair.

When I bought it the AC wasn't working.

15 yr old car you assume low freon so I try to add but it's at the static pressure of the can so I figure it was worked on and never vacuumed out so I get the tools to vacuum and recharge including high/low gauges but it won't charge.

I can't get the compressor to activate to suck "freon" from the low side.

Guessing that the low side switch may be defective my plan was to hotwire the compressor to enable filling it.

I never figured out how to pull the connector off the compressor so I decided to measure the Ω on the low side switch.

When I went to pull the low side switch it came off with no effort!

I pushed it on and the compressor started immediately (car was running at the time). Topped off the R134a and got about 50F out the daah. I added a little more a week or so later and about 40 at the dash after.

Now I have the NT510 I can direct read the evaporator temp to help optimize charging vs needle thermometer in the dash.
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