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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
Is this what you are looking for?

BMW diesel engines require fuels in compliance with EN 590 with a minimum cetane number of 51. The use of heating fuels, marine fuels or biodiesel fuels is prohibited. *The use of larger parts of fuels such as "biodiesel" or "rapeseed methyl ester" will result in leaks that can cause considerable subsequent damage. Exception: M47, M51, M57 with SA201 ”RME Version”.

From here...
So this would lead me to believe that most readily available fuels in my are probably 10-11 points lower than BMW requires..

Not clear on what he exception refers to however? Isn't the engine in my 2013 the 'M57Y'? So would that fall under the exception, or no, and what is the exception I am left wondering..

This gets more confusing by the day.. LOL!

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