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MK4 language error + unable to update

Hi All, Iíve been lurking for a few months, but now first time poster,

I bought a 2006 model z4 (E85) a few months ago and have been having problems with the inbuild satnav. The satnav is a factory fitted MK4.

The problems I have: Non-standard language selection, somehow D (german) is always the middle option under settings. This is regardless of the NAVCODER language selection. And the first language is mirrored to the third option. Please see attached images.

Secondly (and I think this has to do with the language problem), I am unable to update the navigation past version 30 for some reason, following fault happens during the update process when trying v31 or v32. After which the Satnav will only work again by inserting a lower version.

Has anyone got any ideas what I can try, I have tried many different update discs, burn speed, programs etc.

And have also tried many different language selections using navcoder which always result in being non-standard.

Iíve searched high and low for a solution, but I seem to have a 'rare' problem.

Thanks in advance, Tom
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