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2005 - Lateral Play in Front Drive Shaft - Transfer Case End

Did an oil change on my daughters 2005, which is here for an annual visit, today. She lives over 1000 km away, in an area where there are no BMW dealerships or shops with a lot of knowledge of the car, so I'm trying to get as much mtce work done as possible before the vehicle goes north again and have worked my way thorough most of the punch list. However, one thing has left me unsure if it is an issue or not.

As I was under the car, I checked the drive shafts and found that the front shaft U-Joint, at the transfer case, had lateral play (perhaps a total of 6mm / 1/4") in one direction only, but no rotational play. There was no lateral or rotational play on the U-Joint at the front end of the shaft.

I would normally think this points to a bad joint, but there are no drivability issues, which given the amount of play left, me wondering if this is normal and a design feature of the shaft (visually the joint looks OK).

Did a forum and google search and didn't see anything similar, except one post with the same question but no responses and another with the comment that a dealer said lateral play in one direction was normal (but that then went on to say the shaft was replaced, with no explanation leaving me uncertain why), so am hoping someone can enlighten me.
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