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Originally Posted by Nauticare94 View Post
Had to work yesterday and I had some tools on order. Damn Star Sockets... Everything showed up, so I hit it hard today! First up was finishing removal of the subframe. Very straight forward, no surprises, just a bit cumbersome.

What did surprise me is how much room I had with the subframe removed! I decided to try and disassemble the differential while it was still in the X5. I didn't get very far, but it took a long time to figure that out. The bolts holding the carrier ring were stupid tight, and holding the carrier still while torquing wasn't the easiest thing to do. I didn't have enough clearance for air tools. I tried a lot of different techniques, none of which made a dent. Getting fed up....sooo.....

Time to CUT!!! With the subframe removed I was certain I had enough room to cut the CV shaft on the passenger side and push it through the oil pan. Had to make 2 cuts though. The right side oil pan CV housing was in the way, couldn't get down to the skinny part of the shaft until the bulk of the CV was cut and removed. Luckily all the sparks were directed at the exhaust and heat shields on the car. Any long cut like that and fire hazard is a concern, but not today! Only burned up one 4" cutting wheel after 2 cuts. I was impressed.

So now the diff is on the bench with a drive shaft stuck in it. But I was finally able to use air tools again! Busted the carrier ring off, pushed out the pin from the diff, and finally had access to push instead of pull. Trusty hydraulic press to the rescue! It came out so easy. Honestly it was too easy. Pissed me off! You cannot imagine how depressing it was using a slide hammer for hours on end with no result. Hydraulics are awesome!

It was hung up on the clip, no doubt about that now. It was also exactly where I thought it was, right next to the splines on the oil passageway. There was a bit of damage done to the diff, but it wasn't too bad. Since this isn't a friction surface I decided to de-burr it with a Dremel. Cleaned up very nicely. I removed the clip from the new CV and test fit. Slides in and out like butter!

Reassembled the diff and sealed it. There's no gasket, so black RTV it is. Been a long day, so I'll let it set up over night.

Tomorrow, gotta work again... Hopefully by late afternoon I'll be putting parts back in! I'm so relieved.... there are no words. Many moments of serious doubt and wanting to throw up have come and gone. Glad I persevered though. Can't imagine what a shop would have charged me for this!

So now the million dollar question. Does the CV axle REALLY need that clip on it??? If this were to happen again...
Yes, because the inner joint moves in and out and if the clip wasn't there to retain the joint it can pop out of the diff.
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