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Tx for the link

After making the post, I decided after looking again that the joint was going bad and ordered a shaft that should be here tomorrow / monday. I'm just on my way out to take the old one off, so the job is ready when the new shaft arrives.

The punch list on the car has grown over the last 10 days...... Before I found the drive shaft issue, I ordered a Foxwell NT 510 so I could look for an airbag code as the lamp is on. Very impressed by it so far - so much so I am going to order modules for my old (98) jag and 99 Suburban I use as a boat hauler. If they read as much as the unit does on the BMW, it is good value for the price.

Downside, is that the Foxwell also showed a few transfer case codes, so that expanded my work program so the job grew to include a change of transfer case fluid (at least). I doubt it has ever been done and I found a 54C6 code had been set which indicates a fluid change is required. After reading on the process, and other Xfer case issues, I also wonder about the state of the actuator gear and may just pull it and look at it while I'm at it as it seems like an easy job.

Good thing I haven't got much else to do with my spare time 😀
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