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Exclamation 2004 X5 Injector issue

So I was driving my car around a four hour trip about two hours into the trip I started getting a misfire in the engine I was doing about 80/90 on the freeway and the misfire made me slow down to 70 so I pulled over shut the car off restarted it and the misfire went away. about 15/20 minutes later the same thing happened and it got worse so I stopped at a auto parts store and picked up a coil because I had recently had to change one or two coils so I stopped and bought another two coils and started messing with the coils under the hood while I was running and found two cylinders that were misfiring so I changed both coils and ran fine again. Another 30 minutes later the same thing happened now Iím frustrated. I got to my destination only being able to go 55 mph and I went to the auto parts store and bought six new Denzō plugs and another coil.

I took all the plugs out and 2 plugs cores were burned and the tips of the plugs were burned right off. So I changed all the plugs did not use the coil in the truck ran fine. About a week or two prior I had went to a restaurant and came out of the restaurant to start the truck and the truck didnít start for three starts about an hour later after I did the complete six plugs tine up and started miss firing again. Now the truck was cutting off and dying at lights .

So out of curiosity of it being a fuel problem and not a spark issue because I had just changed almost all the coils and all six plugs I started banging on the fuel pump underneath the passenger rear seat. To my surprise when I smacked in the fuel pump the trucks smoothed out and start running better. I then went and ordered a new fuel pump and fuel filter and change them the next day.

Truck ran great after that but after two or three days the misfire came back. Cylinder number four. Change the coil, checked the plug, bought a new plug and new coil, change them out, no change in the way the car ran, still had a misfire cylinder number four. So now Iím looking at a fuel injector issue. opened up the fuel injector harness and checked for computer ground to injector pulse on the grounding wire to the DME (I believe) and I seen injector grounding from positive battery to PCMDME injector ground. Check for power on the power side of the injector and had power on both injectors three and four (checked the one right next to it) when I start truck up runs fine but after a while fifteen minutes to twenty minutes of driving cylinder number four injector stops pulsing to ground on PCM / DME . check engine light illuminates and says cylinder number four misfire. pulled coil and coil is sparking every rotation of motor perfectly fine so itís not the coil side it is on the injector side that the issues arising . while truck is running and check engine light is illuminated, cylinder number for injector does not ground flash. Truck can still be running amd while I clear codes , computer injector ground comes back immediately after clearing code. Same thing when I shut the truck off and start back up. Truck can be miss firing I shut truck off and start it back up and immediately the injector starts working again.

Question : is the issue the injectors self or is it an issue with the DME/PCM injector drive ground itís obviously not a wiring issue or the problem would be persistent. where do I go from here ? do I blindly change the injector and hope for the best or is there a common problem with injector drive on the DME/PCM anybody who Is knowledgeable on these vehicles and the electrical injection system would you please point me in the right direction that would be great
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