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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
As previously mentioned, if you have a blown head gasket you should be able to see indications in the fluid. Any pressure caused by a blown head gasket should be gone not long after the engine is shut off and the engine will not run normally if you have a blown gasket.

please explain the process you used to bleed the system.

Or, you could do this
Thanks BC.

The process I followed is detailed here in this thread. Basically:

1. Open cap on coolant expansion tank.
2. Turn on ignition
3. Set heating controller to maximum temperature
4. Set fan to low setting. This opens the heating valves and starts the auxiliary water pump.
5. Carry out filling procedure slowly
6. Close vent plug when bubble-free coolant emerges
7. Fill expansion tank until full.
8. Close coolant expansion tank
9. Allow engine to warm up until thermostat opens
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