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Originally Posted by jpilk99 View Post
Thanks BC.

The process I followed is detailed here in this thread. Basically:

1. Open cap on coolant expansion tank.
2. Turn on ignition
3. Set heating controller to maximum temperature
4. Set fan to low setting. This opens the heating valves and starts the auxiliary water pump.
5. Carry out filling procedure slowly
6. Close vent plug when bubble-free coolant emerges
7. Fill expansion tank until full.
8. Close coolant expansion tank
9. Allow engine to warm up until thermostat opens
As long as by fill tank until full you mean fill tank to max fill level system on the indicator float the system should be bled. I have had circumstances where the proper procedure didn't get all the air out. Some auto parts stores will let you 'rent' a cooling system bleeder for a deposit the is returned when you return the bleeder. Some will do it for you at the store.

Have you checked the coolant for discoloring or milky light brown stuff on the cap or in the coolant?

If you wait several hours and then slowly open the bleed screw with the cap in place does it puck coolant or air? Shouldn't be much of either.

Did the engine overheat anytime just before the problem or during the time this has been going on?

It could be a thermostat stuck closed issue if the engine was overheating. If you have an infrared thermometer check the top and bottom of the radiator, engine and cooling hose temperatures when running at operating temp and about about five minutes after you shut it off to see if there are significant temp variations.

A normally functioning cooling system is a critical necessity. Any indication of a leak, checking fluid level and finding it low or overheating should be resolved ASAP. Unaddressed is an invitation for disaster.
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