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This coolant system/bleed process continues to humble me...

I've done the "bleeding" process a few times. Each time, it seems, within a an hour or two of driving, I get the "Check Coolant" light. I let the engine fully cool down, over night, and sometimes when I begin to loosen the expansion tank cap, I hear a "gurgle" while air escapes. (Again, engine is cold). Usually, coolant will ...gurgle over/out when I significantly loosen cap.

I slowly loosen until I can finally remove with as little overflow as possible. Sometimes the coolant level is a little low, one time it was too high... Overall, I just try and get it where it should be.

Today, when I went out to check the coolant level, there was only a tiny bit of gurgling sound and I easily removed cap. It was a little low, but, I figured I would do the "bleeding process" to try and get it right. (Kept expansion cap off, opened bleed screw, turned ignition to ON, heat on high, fan on low...). THIS TIME, I did not see the coolant level drop immediately as it had virtually every time before. I saw no overflow out bleed screw and no ..."piss" shooting out of the little hole just inside the coolant tank spout.

What I did notice was an easily heard noise, coming from what I believe was the drivers side of the engine mid way between front of engine bay and firewall. Seemed to be loudest at the coolant hoses heading back to what I assume is the heater core. I filmed this video/audio with my phone:

I'm guessing my secondary coolant/water pump is dying or dead? I'm also guessing that I should NOT drive the vehicle; planning to tow to my mechanic.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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