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Originally Posted by X5only View Post
I had a 2GB RAM Android HU and replaced it with a 4GB RAM - night and day difference in speed navigating apps and boot up of the unit. Lighting fast.
My experience was exactly the same. I replaced the 2GB unit in my wife's E46 and it was like night and day. Android LOVES as much hardware as you can throw at it and will use every bit of it.

I chose an 8 core 9" screen unit with 4GB for my E53. I'm at a bit south of 10k miles with it including a month-long road trip across the East coast and back. The unit is *not* flawless, but with this as my 3rd, I will suggest that none of them are flawless. But it's the best experience I have had across the 3 units, and most of that is a snappy response and the latest Android 8.0 OS I have seen on these.

I'd like to see a unit like the OP with improved hardware and Android Pie. Until then, I'm happy to sacrifice a 9" screen over a 10" if it means octa core instead of quad core and 4GB instead of 2GB for about 10% more than this one. Though I do like the looks of the one in the OP.


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