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OK- I have taken a closer look at this thing and have decided I don't like the way they've laid it out. 1st, the buttons along the bottom of the unit take up valuable space.

So I got to wondering.. how much viewable screen area/resolution? I started with a close look at the screen from the OP:
As I was playing with the questions I was looking for, I took a look at the specs and it's right there. The screen resolution is just 1024x480:
So what they've done is get us all hyped up over a 10.25" screen, but it actually offers *less* visible screen area/resolution than the 9" 'smaller' screen @ 1024x600. 8.0 was available this Spring as were the boards with 2x the specs. This one is a hard pass for me- perhaps even with the improved specs. Screen real estate and hardware specs is everything.


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