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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Prop, here's a better looking one. 1024x600 and it has 4gb RAM.

I am very tempted to try this one out. Especially Ebay's 15% off today. Brings the total to ~$356.
I like this one, but I think the auction is deceptive. Since I 'need' one for either of the E39's, It'd have a home eventually. I suspect that it would fit better in the E39 since it does not curve with the dash like the E53 large screen unit I bought.

I do not see a single picture with the connectivity hardware/cables shown as included. The closest it comes to suggesting the cables are included is with a picture that says 'plug and play'. I'd feel better ab that with a picture of the back of the unit and the included cables.

Also, the auction reads that steering wheel button control is 'supported.' That means to me that the device will 'support' it, but that the little canbus adapter may not be included. Looking further down in fact, I do see the canbus as 'optional'. They're asking a premium for these units not to ship the basic cables.

All of this could be sorted with a quick question to the seller. I ran past the 15% coupon so I didn't pull the trigger. After so many of these things, I have enough extra cables that I could probably get a solid test in.
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