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Originally Posted by Bimmer360 View Post
I don't think you will feel decreased comfort especially having the DW06 tires. An inch difference in wheels along with good tires, you will be fine. I own both sizes and as long as you have proper alignment and good tires you're good.

OE 19s have and OD of 29". On a 19" rim that's 5 inches of sidewall

OE 20s have an OD around 28,7. On a 20" rim that's 4.35 inches of sidewall

4.35 vs 5.

I'd probably agree you may not feel much harshness difference. Handling I can't say. (I define handling as how the car drives at the limits of adhesion, not how the steering feels on the highway...) If you are also changing square to staggered and going wider, that may be more of a factor.

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