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Rpm down then up under light acceleration

Hi Guys,

Ive joined this for a little advice.
I have a 2004 E53 X5 3.0D

I have a problem when i am doing between 60kph and 80kph ( this is where it does it the most) where the revs will drop for a second and then rise again. If i leave my foot on the accelerator it will do it a few times until the car changes speed.

Some times are worse than others with a bit of a vibration noise when the revs drop but nothing loud. If i accelerate out of it and speed up it goes away and is fine.

The car performs really well apart from this, no loss of power, fuel economy is fine. 160,000ks always serviced.
Nothing comes up on the scan tool.
Has anyone experienced this or have any recommendations??

**The trans was serviced 10,000ks or so ago and i was told its fine**

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