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Originally Posted by jcp240z View Post
How is the viewing and and glare with that unit? Have either installed an ibus interface and app to be able to set the mid display values?
It's a little better on the larger unit that I have. The glare really got to me at first and I put in an anti glare cover. After less than a week, I removed it. Now the glare is still there, but it no longer bothers me.

I use the iBus interface. It's far from perfect. For instance, I choose a time and date format different from US and my MID still shows US time and date formats. However, it is the best we have and it is miles above having no function or ability to set the time and date without connecting the old units.

It is also VERY cool that we can now set our daytime lights to be what we want with iBus. The benefits far outweigh the little things I wish they did better.
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