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Originally Posted by mr_robot View Post
Because it looks like someone just glued a 9" tablet to the dash (no offence to anyone, it's just subjective) and it's just my humble opinion
I haven't found a pic that really shows it well, but this is pretty close. I agree that it's far from OE in appearance, but I will take the larger screen any day. After I got used to aiming a little 'higher' than the area of the screen I want to select, everything from typing to navigation became worlds better than OE. Everything except i-BUS interaction that is. That's still a band aid while they work to improve.

This is a pic of my alarm application. I have scripts setup that I fire off when I am a couple streets from home. They set the thermostats, open the gate, and disarm the alarm. Those events trigger lights inside and out, so my house is well lit when I drive up with no waiting the gate/garage door. Very cool.
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