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AWD and DSC malfunction, Engine malfunction, DBC malfunction

Also, another UPDATE:
Pulled glovebox to check wiring and found that my wires had been wrapped in felt tape(this was a TSB regarding the extremely sharp edges of the metal in the dash rubbing and cutting threw wires and causing crazy and random codes, including 5DEA), so I removed the felt tape to inspect the wiring. I did find what appeared to be 2 wires that seemed to have been shorted to ground at one point. I traced these wires and they went to a suspension control box on the far right(passenger side dash-accessible by removing plastic between dash and door panel). So, I donít believe in my case these shorted wires effected my issues. But I did also find my blower motor had a wire that was barely holding on and a wire in the suspension wire harness that wasnít totally connected in the connector... I have preformed this repair, retapped the wires with just electrical tape, but covered the wire and metal with automotive black carpet to protect at all areas of concern and glued them in place. I havenít driven the truck enough yet to see if this fixes my 5DEA code or not, Iíll update when I know more... Wire traced to module Rubbed through felt Not clicked in all the way Small wire on blower motor harness one or two strands holding the wire on. Is this why thereís a TSB and BMWs are burning to the ground with issues at this connection?? [emoji15]20181101/02a1e9a6ac54b31f5f7330907d02fd0a.jpg[/IMG] Bare metal Now protected in carpet Wires protected in carpet

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