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Originally Posted by bono View Post
I am only boon-docking. My mods include: lithium batteries 400Ah, 2800 Magnum inverter, 640W solar panels. I ordered the trailer with two 20 lbs tanks instead of 30 lbs and relocated the batteries to inside the trailer to keep the tongue weight lower.

If you want to lower tongue weight you need to relocate batteries. You can use AGMs and put them in the trailer, if you do not want to spend $ on lithium.

Over 14k towing miles later, X5 is great tow vehicle. We towed through Rockies, many times in Tahoe, Yosemite, etc.

Nice mods!

We are seriously considering lithium for the weight savings. We're running 430ah of golf car batteries which weigh 242lbs+case (4x60.5lbs) So for that weight we have a usable 215ah+/-. Going to 200ah of lithium would cut our weight by 180lbs.

I've also wired in an inverter and an auto transfer switch, so all my outlets are powered by the inverter and the auto transfer switch automatically switches between shore / inverter power.... With no smoking or suicide cords.

How/where did you relocate your batteries?

Since I have a murphy bed on our trailer, we're going to test and see if lowering the murphy bed which is right at the very front of the trailer cuts tongue weight. When its folded up all the weight is right near the hitch.

We planning to spend 5 days boondocking in Guadalupe National Park leaving friday. So getting the hitch weight down so we can take on more fresh water has been a priority without significantly exceeding the 600lbs hitch maximum on the X5M. We do have a weight distribution hitch, which probably helped us quite a bit when we were so overweight without knowing it.
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