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I got incredibly busy with work, pretty much spent the whole summer in Texas on a project and didnt get much time at home.
What time I had was absorbed with local projects, wasnít still convinced on what tune I wanted, what type I wanted and how much money I wanted to spend.
Was getting close to pulling the trigger on something almost 3mos ago when a truck ran over a 1/3 sheet of plywood 1/2Ē thick.... @70mph on the freeway.
It was like the matrix in slow motion coming at me.
It pretty much exploded when it hit my X.

It hit hard enough to destroy the front bumper completely and dent the steel impact pretty good, when I pulled over there was a chunk of plywood sticking out the front of my bumper, not a little piece either!
$12k in damage. $1500 if it was a toyota🤣
Anyways, its still currently at a Certifed BMW bodyshop waiting on the third bumper to show up... so hasn't been much time to think about doing anything.

In the meantime Iíve been following both VF-engineering and AA on instagram and talking with people who have had or have their tunes.
Watching their content etc.
Also just paying attention to prices on downpipes, fitment etc.
Talked to a guy whos made some youtube videos with tunes and done installs.

I should be getting my car back next week... if not itíll be the third time Iíve heard that.

VF had a Black Friday sale with 20% off HEX tunes and I couldnt resist.
I grabed the stage 2 tune for the price of the stage 1.
Heres the cool part!
If you buy the stage 2 you also get stage 1 if you download them both.
That was a selling point for me.
I had read that before digging around, VF confirmed it.
So ill acctualy get to see/feel the difference.
From stock to stage 1 to mod stage 1 and stage 2.

Just thought I would throw out there where Iíve gone with it.
My local tracks are closed until spring so I am going to find the best standalone for 0-60 and qurter.
Ill report back what I think of the tune when I am done.
Anyone have suggestions on a standalone performance meter?

VF makes software and superchargers for supercars, and it looks like they really take care of their customers.
Not to mention they do some damn cool stuff!
I had an issue with my order, it was fixed right away and communication was super quick even through email.

The best part is I can run stage 1 while deciding on the down pipes and waiting for the day I have time to do my exhaust mods.
I am thinking I am going to remove the resonators, add an X-pipe and mod the factory muffler.
Unless I can get an unbeatable deal on a cat back after market I donít see any reason to spend that type of money.
Besides it sounds more fun to mod the factory stuff on the cheap and get the same results.

Hopefully Iíll report back here with stock vs stage 1 numbers next weekend.
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