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55plate 3.0d Vacuum issues...

Hi guys new to the site so firstly thanks for having me!!

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the vacuum pressure should be supplying the wastegate control valve..

when mine gets to -18 psi it causes massive hesitation and lack of power it also makes the turbo howl a little even at idle and the wastegate control valve struggles to actuate..

at the moment there is a "T" fitted prior to the valve which goes to a check valve which requires approx. 7-8 psi to pull open thus regulating the vacuum to -11 psi.. all being said this is a bodge and I'm not happy leaving it like it as there must be something wrong. im struggling to find any info on the vacuum system i.e what components if any regulate it...

this all leads from my exhaust manifold leaking for a while which I was putting off changing then all of a sudden I noticed a huge drop in power it wouldn't even change up gear and I was getting diesel slap through lack of air so I presumed the manifold had split to a point where it wasn't spooling the turbo up enough...

anyhow new manifold fitted and still sporadic power loss issues so new maf sensor, new wastegate control valve and another pressure sensor I cant recollect which one and also a new diesel filter and still the problem remains , the only thing which cured it was dropping the vacuum pressure, but I have still since experienced a power cut-out at 100 when I held my foot to the floor and it changed up to 6th I then began to slow right down to 85 until I let off and on again....??? ( on private marsh roads of course!!) its almost as if I lost all torque or the ecu cut the fuel....

sorry for running on its just I'm at the end of my tether with it and I'm 1500 down and still have a car I cant trust!

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated and thank you in advance
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