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Originally Posted by Clunk84 View Post
thank you for your reply..

I questioned that with my mechanic and he said it was a wastegate?!! I asked him if it was variable but he was quite adamant its a wastegate.

I believe that is the part that has been changed yes it controls the plunger on the side of the turbo and moves it in or out about 12mm.

we hthought it was this as the plunger was previously moving slowly due to the soot build up on the filter of it due to the manifold leak.....
So I'm guessing a "55 plate" car means it was first registered sometime between April and September 2005? This make is an M57TUD30 engine, which was fitted with a Garrett GT2260V turbo charge, which is definitely a VGT - no waste gate. I don't think BMW have used a waste gate on a diesel in a long time...

The vacuum actuator does move a rod (a plunger) but it opens and closes a set of direction vanes inside the the turbine, called a nozzle ring. This nozzle ring CAN become fouled with carbon - although this is not likely to be the result of a cracked manifold.

I've very recently replaced my cracked manifold (on my 2005 M57TUD30) and I checked the vacuum actuator etc prior to putting it all back together.

See this post....

There's a few items in the vacuum system that need checking and the pressure modulator is the first thing I'd check, if you haven't yet done so. I've dealt with similar symptoms on a turbo diesel engines in the past and this pressure modulator was the fault. Not saying your is, but you'll want to verify it is working correctly.

You'll also need to confirm you have no boost leaks in the intercooler pipework etc.

Diagnosing issues like this can be very tricky - I hope your mechanic is very experienced with BMW turbo diesels...
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