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Thanks for that - I have unlocked and monitored on an early drive this morning and again on the way to work. So far, hovering at around 13.7, but didn't get a Trans Failsafe to see if and where the voltage dipped to. I will continue to monitor.

I'm also open to the idea that seeing this message for the first time a couple months ago was due to the battery being flat and now it's actually due to something else. Just a brilliant coincidence, maybe. But, hopefully not.

I can't say that the shifting is smooth though. I'm getting some real jerky changes from 3rd to 4th and down again through the gears. Again, not always. But, enough to keep my mind on the idea of the transmission actually being the problem.

I will get it scanned this weekend and take a look into the possibility of water in the connector as well. I've got a small pile of bills ready to pony up if the trans is shot, but I'd rather not have to go there. I do really like this car, so I'll end up doing whatever and just hating the guy who sold it to me forever! World keeps on spinning.

Thanks again and I'll post back any developments.
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