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My turn:

2003 X5 4.4i Sport. Bought at 153000 miles from a friend who bought it new.

Now at 170000 miles

In the last year, I did:

-New windshield
-New winter tires (was hard to find a set for staggered wheels)
-new complete front end (upper/lower ball joints, control arms, tie rod ends, etc)
-new front right cv axle
-new ABS module
-new radiator (twice)
-new coolant overflow tank
-new window regulator (twice)
-new front handles (both sides)
-new brakes 4 corners (pads and rotors)
-new valve cover gasket
-new spark plugs
-new ignition coils
-new alternator

Still a couple things to do:

-Power steering wheel goes up/down but not in/out.
-Rear foldable hatch hinge cover panel (whatever it's called) needs spring replacement
-Radio has lost some pixels.
-front headlight are totally yellowed. I was hoping to just replace them but they are XENON so $$$. I will try to get them polished professionally but I am not hopeful. This is probably my biggest problem right now with the car..

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